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Air-conditioning has become an essential appliance that most homes and businesses cannot live without. Not much is more frustrating than constantly sweating on a hot summers day. We install, repair, service and maintain all types and sizes of air-conditioning units to ensure your home or business is always comfortable, especially in those hottest times of the year. 

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Refrigeration equipment is often a vital piece of many businesses assets and can often cause absolute chaos and unwanted stress, when they break down. We install, repair, service and maintain all kinds of refrigeration equipment to ensure your equipment works when you need it most. 


We believe that a well maintained unit is a unit that is efficient and reliable. Servicing your equipment is the best way to ensure that your equipment is serviceable and reliable when you need next, which often is when you need it most. We offer fixed price maintenance service agreements that gives you piece of mind that your system will last the for its design life and nasty repair bills, become a thing of the past.